25 June 2012

Prom silky gown

« Instagram was launched in Apple App Store in 2010. A distinctive feature confines photos to a square shape, similar to Kodak Instamatic and Polaroid images. The cool factor of Instagram is the fact that they have 11 different filters you can use to up the interest of your pix. Even boring photos can look amazing with some of these filters.» Read more: Why is Instagram so popular?

Facebook has recently (April 2012) acquired Instagram for $1 billion!


My lovely 17 y/o daughter just graduated. Her prom gown was handmade by my friend Evelyne, a talented and friendly! sewer. Last Saturday afternoon, just before my daughter left for her party, I made a low-res iPod photo shoot of the sweet girl in her sweet dress.

The quote says 11 but 18 (free) filters are available with Instagram on my iPod. Eighteen? Seventeen would be the right number if you say that Normal is not a filter!

 #1 Normal

 #2 Amaro

 #3 Rise

 #4 Hudson

 #5 XPro II

 #6 Sierra

 #7 Lo-fi

 #8 Earlybird

 #9 Sutro

 #10 Toaster

 #11 Brannan

 #12 Inkwell

 #13 Walden

 #14 Hefe

 #15 Valencia

 #16 Nashville

 #17 1977

#18 Kelvin

Note that in every case I've chosen to include the non customizable frame with each filter and that no editing was made.