24 December 2012

Christmas yeti

Crystal Antler Pair by Marc Swanson

 Echo & the Bunnymen, Killing Moon, live May 1984

The sculptor-installator Marc Swanson is an American artist, born in 1969. Killing Moon is the name of his series of Self-Portraits as a Yeti.  

 I warily approach the Yeti hunter in Marc Swanson's installation, Killing Moon. (Cryptozoology exhibit) – Michelle Souliere (photo)

Marc Swanson says: « The idea was that I would be the Yeti and basically collect garbage for four-to-six weeks every night to make the installation. I had to reconcile the fact that I’m an educated artist who knows about formal issues and academia, and figure out what the Yeti would make instead — these more ritualistic objects. But the Yeti also collects things in the world and then puts them together to sort of make sense of the world around him. It dawned on me that I pretty much do the same thing: so I’m the yeti and the yeti is me.»

Crystal Antler Pile by Marc Swanson

« Marc Swanson is an automythologist, one who excels in crafting sparkling, enigmatic totems from the messiness of his own history; there kitsch and confession dovetail to reveal, not obscure, visceral thirsts.»
– David Velasco

His website is here.