02 March 2013

Ice world of warmth

The encounter of green plants with ice sculpture, depicted in oil paintings: Sung Min Park made that happen.

Ice capsules by Park, Sung Min: a memory storage for three stages of material

« For those who first met Park, Sung Min's work may misunderstand as Park's art is cold due to the preconception that ice means cold. However, you may not spend much time to realize Park's ice has warm energy if you pay more attention and give some affection to his work.

The attractions of his art are liveliness and freshness of life that stood out from coldness. As if the most splendid and climaxed vitality is captured in the ice, joy and smile in life will be found full.

I wonder what Park, Sung Min's art world is that invites us to an ice world of warmth.»

– Words from Kim, Yoon Sup: art critic, editorial director of monthly magazine Art Price

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