22 March 2013

Mischievous blue

Northern Flicker, acrylic on panel 12x12 (2013)

Frank Gonzales' recent work

Inspired by old masters, modern graphic design and musical compositions, Frank Gonzales paints birds, foliage and plants. His works are a result of the exploration and love he has for nature, with charm and rhythm through the manipulation of design, dripping effect, color and compositional elements. 

I like to challenge myself with every new work but ultimately I try to portray a sense of beauty or that feeling of energy you get when you really feel alive. 

Frank Gonzales 2013 paintings.

 Grackle and Nest, acrylic on panel 16x16 (2013)

 Bubo Bubo (Eurasian eagle owl), acrylic on canvas 8x8 (2013)

 Long Tailed Titmice, acrylic on panel 12x12 (2013)

 Healing Refuge, 36x36 (2013)

 Yellow Billed Cuckoo, acrylic on panel 12x12 (2013)

 Purple Martins, acrylic on panel 16x16 (2013)

Yellow Finch, acrylic on canvas 8x8 (2013)

Oops, not 2013 but recent.

Mischievous Blue, 20x20 (December 2012)

Last May I blogged about Frank Gonzales (28 bird paintings): Re-make/re-model