19 March 2013

L'appel du printemps

Springtime magnet on the table

I made a rustic-elegantly-springtime-inspired (!) fridge magnet for my friend's birthday last Saturday.

My drawing
Two snowdrop flowers drawn by me with graphite and ink on watercolor paper.

Snowdrop is a widely cultivated bulbous European plant of the lily family that bears drooping white flowers during the late winter, while the snow is on the ground.

Snowdrop, such a pretty name.

Estonian: Lumikelluke (snow tinkler)
Finnish: Lumikello (snow clock)
French: Perce-neige (snow pierce)
German: Schneeglöckchen (snow bell)
Greek: Galanthus (milk flower)
Italian: Bucaneve (snow hole)
Spanish: Campanilla de febrero (February bell)

Well, this flower has many pretty names.

In pale color
Then lightly two colors are added. The snowdrop drawing was cut…

Create your own photo (or drawing) magnet
… and gently disposed on a magnet sheet bought from the dollar store.  

Not yet framed snowdrop magnet
The magnetic drawing will be framed with small tree branches picked on the floor of Montreal, all around. The branches are easily cut with an x-acto. Ideally should be chosen straight ones.  

Stay still
With carpenter glue, I glued the branches. Mini clamps are used to keep the wood in place.

Next time, I'll put just a little less glue.

Springtime magnet on the fridge

Snowdrop, the call of spring, on a snowy morning in Montreal.

Springtime magnet on the floor

Thank you for your interest in my work.