17 April 2013

Both new

Crafted from both new and reused materials, all birds here are hand sewn by Abigail Brown in her studio in London, England.

Each piece is created with love and attention to detail. 

Abigail Brown spent large amounts of time as a child in the company of her grandma, in a house strewn with loose threads and scraps of fabric. 

There is nothing more natural to her than to work with fabric, using it to give life to the little creatures that form in her mind. Continuing to work in this way, she feels forever connected to her childhood and the wonderful days she spent with her grandma.

blue tit

blue winged pitta

bourke's parakeet

canadian warbler

crimson backed sunbird


golden oriole

grey headed kingfisher



little ringed plover 

long tailed tit

oriental dwarf kingfisher



rufous collared kingfisher

turtle dove

white swan

What a wonderful talent!