20 April 2013

Quiet escape

Kerri Settle is an oil painter living near the coast of North Carolina, USA. Quit what you are doing for a while and be invited into the silent beauty of her magnificently minimalistic landscapes.

After the Rain (6x8)

An Evening Song (6x8)

Autumn Marsh (6x6)

Bogue Silver (6x8)

California Dreaming (16x20)

Crystal Coast Marsh (5x7)

Eternal (5x7)

Evening Glow (6x8)

Evening on Ocracoke (12x12)

Grassy Dunes (6x8)

Guardians (6x6)

In the Distance (5x7)

Marsh Views (8x10)

Marsh Whispers (5x7)

Obscured (6x6)

Respite (16x20)

Resting (6x6)

Shadowed Path (6x8)

View of Bear Island Salt Marshes (18x24)

It has been a tough job for me to choose among Kerri Settle's numerous landscapes; if you want to see more, visit her blog, web site, eBay store.