09 April 2013

Marine study on a rainy day

Sketch of Mackerel (c. 1835-40)

On Sunday morning Scientific illustration @ tumblr reblogged the watercolor Sketch of Mackerel (see the post here). My eyes were caught.

Landscape and history painter, master draughtsman and watercolorist, tireless traveller, poet and teacher, Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775–1851) exemplifies the energy, imagination and enquiring spirit of his time. 

He was considered a controversial figure in his day, but is now regarded as the artist who elevated landscape painting to an eminence rivaling history painting.

Although renowned for his oil paintings, Turner is also one of the greatest masters of British watercolor landscape painting. He is commonly known as the painter of light.

Be welcome to check out these beautiful fish on a beach watercolor sketches and studies by JMW Turner, on a cloudy spring day.

 Study for Unidentified Vignettes: Cod on the Beach (c. 1835)

 Study for Unidentified Vignettes: Lobsters on the Beach (c. 1835)

 Study for Unidentified Vignettes: Mackerel on a Beach (c. 1835)

 Study of a Tench (c. 1822)

 Study for Unidentified Vignettes: Wreck Buoy, Gurnet Dogfish and Plaice (c. 1835)

Study of Fish: Two Tench, a Trout and a Perch (c. 1822-24)

Sketch of Three Mackerel (c. late 1830s)

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