19 June 2014

Mission shops

All photos © Clay Percy. He lives in Kansas, USA.

balcony stairwell {flickr}

Balcony Stairwell, Hoch Auditorium, University of Kansas. Before a lightning strike burned it down in 1991.

 clearance 9 feet {flickr}

 dressing under the bridge {flickr}

 fadco in the west bottom {flickr}

 grain elevator {flickr}

 mission shops 2 {flickr}

 more ducks for america {flickr}

 music hall 14th street {flickr}

 music hall awning {flickr}

 overpass pier {flickr}

And in case you are not familiar with the Kansas City area that Western Auto sign is a city icon, everyone who lives here knows it.

 river walk & planter {flickr}

 rotini bw {flickr}

vanishing point {flickr}

Nurtured by captive egos
humming concrete
scents the fragility.