14 June 2014

Warm urban utopia

La ville transplantée

« Wandering, boats, horses. The ferryman who carries the message from one bank to another…»

« In Latin America there has been no revolution, only revolts. A form does not annihilate the next, it only adds to it. The past is not a burden against which we must always fight by dismissing it. So you see in my work a very loose reference to mythology, which leads to a more contemporary performance.»

– Alfredo Echazarreta

Living between France and Chili, the painter Alfredo Echazarreta was born in Santiago in 1945. Also printmaker and sculptor, he studied architecture and engraving.

Le choix de l'ange

Le dernier signal

Le don du jour 

Le rêve de Léda

Les attaches terrestres

Les envahisseurs

Nous pouvons tous voler

Rencontre fortuite

Séduction avec condor


And I wonder who said that blue was a cold color