30 November 2013

Dew drop flies

Gros plan!

David Chambon is a French photographer who captures insects covered in hundreds of tiny water droplets.

« Amateur photographer for 10 years, I started with a Panasonic FZ-30 Bridge that made me really love photography. Then I bought my first digital SLR. I started reading on several photo forums and understood the importance of good material and especially good technique! So I learned the basics on the net. Today I am truly passionate about nature and spend my free time face down in the wet grass to capture what mother nature has best to offer. Over time I specialized in wildlife macro photography.» –David Chambon

Sorry for the translation, which is a bit wobbly, and thank you to Google translate.

Lentilles de contact

Morning dew


Mouche à m...

Robber fly

Sans titre

The fly

Two famous sites (!) have also featured David Chambon's insects covered in water droplets: This is colossal and Enpundit. The selected photos are different from here though. And see David Chambon's flickr gallery page.

Collier de perles

Errors, like straws, upon the surface flow;
he who would search for pearls must dive below.

Guillaume de Salluste du Bartas (1544–1590)