04 November 2013

Rock fan

Balancing Act (colored pencil, 2009)

Realistic pencil artist Deborah Friedman explores ways of looking at stones as a subject matter.

This series started with an experiment during the summer of 2009 to produce 10 small drawings investigating different ways of interpreting stones.

During the course of these drawings, several ideas unfolded that led to totally unexpected and new imagery.

 Bookends (graphite & colored pencil, 2009)

 Confrontation (colored pencil, 2011)

 Leaf & Stone Triptych (colored pencil, 2012)

 Meeting (colored pencil, 2011)

 Open Circle (colored pencil, 2013)

 Rock Fan (colored pencil, 2009)

Untitled Leaves and Stone (colored pencil, 2012)

Born in Los Angeles USA, Deborah Friedman now lives in Massachusetts. She also draws color birds, black and white birds.

 Bird's Nest (colored pencil, 2006)