28 November 2013


With rudimentary tools, Matthew Cusick reconfigures roads, rivers, highways and municipal transit systems into intertwined landscape works of art.

Born in 1970 and originally from New York USA, the Dallas-based collage artist Matthew Cusick uses the topographical and the temporary, constructing his works from book pages, Folger’s coffee, ink and acrylic on wood and aluminum-based panels.

His intricate style of work is based on the articulate construction of bits and pieces of maps, ultimately revealing well composed and detailed images when viewed from a slight distance.

He draws up extraordinary use and placement of technical outlines of roads, rivers, municipal transit systems and district outlines in his art work, creating a fine collage of art created purely from his strategically assembled map cut outs.

He states that topography (ie the detailed mapping or charting of the features of an area, district or locality) is his primary source of inspiration, as can clearly be seen in his work.

Matthew Cusick describes that his unique style of work revolves around his keenness to catalog, archive and arrange information and then dismantle, manipulate and reconfigure it.

Nida Ezdi @ pelfusion.com…