10 February 2014

Deck scenes

(Herbert Barnard) John Everett (1876–1949) was an English sailor and painter. After studying briefly at the Académie Julian in Paris, his life took an unconventional path when he embarked on the first of his 16 sea voyages.

A Convoy 1918

The way the ship is dressed is called dazzle camouflage (or dazzleflage.)

Oh. Do you know where I found this painting? Modernist Art in Camouflage.

Is dazzleflage fake? just a photoshop geek gone wild? Just kidding.

 A Deck Scene on the Wiscombe Park

 A Scene from the Deck of the Birkdale

 Converting a Cunarder to a Merchant Ship

 Deck Scene on the Iquique

 Iquique from the Stern with the Tug Warrior

 Mending Sails on the Deck of the Birkdale

 On the Suzanne


OMD - Silent Running from the album Dazzle Ships

Dazzle by Duncan Hannah (2010)

Dazzle Ships by Kristian Goddard (2012)

An (Im-)practical Demonstration of the Concept of Dazzle Camouflage {source}