28 February 2014


Blue Duck

Eileen Mayo (1906–1994) was an English-born artist and designer who worked in England, Australia and New Zealand in almost every available medium: drawing, woodcut, lithograph on stone and tempera, tapestry and silk screening.

In addition to being a printmaker, illustrator, calligrapher and muralist, she designed coins, stamps, tapestry and posters and wrote and illustrated eight books on natural science.

Enjoy the beautiful birds made with gouache and coloured pencil on paper in 1976 by meticulous touche-à-tout Eileen Mayo.

 Brown Duck 

 Fairy Tern 


 Little Spotted Kiwi

 New Zealand Falcon

 New Zealand Shore Plover

 Reef Heron

 South Island Kokako

 Subantarctic Snipe

White Heron