01 February 2014

Nu statue interesting

Every morning (or so…) I post an artwork depicting the myth of Leda and the swan @ this tumblr page: Leda and the swan art.

Looking for new images, I found this pale photo of the sexy legend at an unexpected place: I have no idea how, but my researches led me to this research: click nu statue interesting.

Léda et le cygne par Jean-François Legendre-Héral (1796-1851)

Nu statue interesting made me also discover those gorgeous statue photos © Yvan Lemeur. Multi senses.

Statue (1877) by Aimé Millet (1819-1891)

Statue (1871) by Alexandre Schoenewerk (1820-1885)

Statue by Antonio Canova (1757-1822)

Statue (circa 20) by Cleomenes the Athenian

Statue (1870) by Ernest Barrias (1841-1905)

Statue by Etienne-Maurice Falconet (1716-1791)

Statue by Jean-Jacques Pradier, dit James (1790-1852)

Statue (1890) by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904)

Statue (1892) by Laurent-Honoré Marqueste (1848-1920)

Statue (1845) by Lorenzo Bartolini (1777-1850)

Pierre Julien (1731-1804)

Photographer Yvan Lemeur has an album called L'été.