09 February 2014

Labyrinthine fur

Painter and drawer Sarah Gillespie says that her aim is to make herself a lens of attention, completely absorbed in the minutia of what is in front of her.

Alder and Ermine Moth
(Mezzotint on Arches Moulin du Gué paper)

Buff Ermine
(Copper drypoint engraving on Arches paper)

December Moth

Flounced Rustic Moth
(Mezzotint etching on paper)


Muslin Moth
(Graphite, charcoal and watercolour on paper)

 My Heart a Wounded Crow
(Mezzotint on Aquari handmade paper)

Oak Beauty
(Charcoal and watercolour on Aquari handmade paper)

Winter Moth

 Wood Tigers
(Charcoal and watercolour on paper)

Sarah Gillespie's work achieves the endless fascination and reflects the true beauty and intricate details of nature.

Check out her website, her blog, her facebook page and have a nice day/night.