28 February 2014


Blue Duck

Eileen Mayo (1906–1994) was an English-born artist and designer who worked in England, Australia and New Zealand in almost every available medium: drawing, woodcut, lithograph on stone and tempera, tapestry and silk screening.

In addition to being a printmaker, illustrator, calligrapher and muralist, she designed coins, stamps, tapestry and posters and wrote and illustrated eight books on natural science.

Enjoy the beautiful birds made with gouache and coloured pencil on paper in 1976 by meticulous touche-à-tout Eileen Mayo.

 Brown Duck 

 Fairy Tern 


 Little Spotted Kiwi

 New Zealand Falcon

 New Zealand Shore Plover

 Reef Heron

 South Island Kokako

 Subantarctic Snipe

White Heron

16 February 2014

Wild sky life


The illustrations (acrylic on paper) of birds on this page are a selection from interpretive board designs and bird paintings by wild life artist Andrew Mackay.


Olive-backed Pipit

Red-flanked Bluetail

Ringed Plover

Sedge Warbler



On a (very) bright (very) wintry February day in Montréal.

15 February 2014

White trees

Yesterday with Thalie we saw this (?) huge white tree image, made by Jocelyn Philibert. Click Des arbres dans la nuit for more trees in the night.

I looked at other white trees this afternoon. Be pleased to meet these opposite of black woody perennial plants.

© Daniel

At the end of the winter.

Leonard Cohen - Dear Heather

10 February 2014

Deck scenes

(Herbert Barnard) John Everett (1876–1949) was an English sailor and painter. After studying briefly at the Académie Julian in Paris, his life took an unconventional path when he embarked on the first of his 16 sea voyages.

A Convoy 1918

The way the ship is dressed is called dazzle camouflage (or dazzleflage.)

Oh. Do you know where I found this painting? Modernist Art in Camouflage.

Is dazzleflage fake? just a photoshop geek gone wild? Just kidding.

 A Deck Scene on the Wiscombe Park

 A Scene from the Deck of the Birkdale

 Converting a Cunarder to a Merchant Ship

 Deck Scene on the Iquique

 Iquique from the Stern with the Tug Warrior

 Mending Sails on the Deck of the Birkdale

 On the Suzanne


OMD - Silent Running from the album Dazzle Ships

Dazzle by Duncan Hannah (2010)

Dazzle Ships by Kristian Goddard (2012)

An (Im-)practical Demonstration of the Concept of Dazzle Camouflage {source}

09 February 2014

Labyrinthine fur

Painter and drawer Sarah Gillespie says that her aim is to make herself a lens of attention, completely absorbed in the minutia of what is in front of her.

Alder and Ermine Moth
(Mezzotint on Arches Moulin du Gué paper)

Buff Ermine
(Copper drypoint engraving on Arches paper)

December Moth

Flounced Rustic Moth
(Mezzotint etching on paper)


Muslin Moth
(Graphite, charcoal and watercolour on paper)

 My Heart a Wounded Crow
(Mezzotint on Aquari handmade paper)

Oak Beauty
(Charcoal and watercolour on Aquari handmade paper)

Winter Moth

 Wood Tigers
(Charcoal and watercolour on paper)

Sarah Gillespie's work achieves the endless fascination and reflects the true beauty and intricate details of nature.

Check out her website, her blog, her facebook page and have a nice day/night.