06 July 2012

Ennobling birds with a needle

We need to keep hand embroidery alive, but if we hug our ideas to ourselves, they will become lost and worthless in the future. If I give you a gift, I no longer have it, you do. However, if I give you an idea then we both have it, and if you share this idea with others then we have multiplied it, expanded on it and watch it grow. 

-Trish Burr

Lilac Breasted Roller

Trish Burr is a self taught embroiderer. She was born in Zimbabwe. In 2004 she moved to the Western Cape in South Africa.

Her projects are mainly floral but she has recently expanded her work to include birds and portraits, devising means to include minute details in her subjects.

Here is Trish Burr's outstanding needle painting embroidery birds.

Australian Sacred Kingfisher

 Chinese Flower Painting

 Chinese Flower Painting

 Green Bee Eater

 Lilac Breasted Roller

Little Bee Eaters

 Little Kingfisher

Her emphasis on light and shadow brings her embroidery alive and her artistic use of colour further enhances the three dimensional effects in her work. She is recognized for her unique style of long and short stitch embroidery.

Trish Burr's web site
her blog

Long and short stitch (or) silk shading (or) thread painting (or) soft shading (or) painting with a needle (or) needle painting embroidery (!) is elucidated:

Explanation of the needle painting technique
Needle painting is a hand embroidery technique creating realistic pictures using needle and thread, embroidering long and short straight stitches.     

The long and short stitches are worked in rows in a range of shades.

Each new row of long and short stitches splits the stitches of the preceding row blending the long and short stitches. The blending of the stitches helps create a realistic design.     

This technique of needle painting takes several hours of practice to perfect but once the technique becomes familiar it is a very forgiving technique.

This afternoon I received the mini pheasants embroidery vintage kit I've bough at Etsy. Nice introduction to something I'm going to do this summer 'cos my dream is to be a bird needle embroidery painter!