25 July 2012

The same mistake

I was very excited this morning by this project: miniature water lily paintings.

Framed with tiny branches, bathing in the sink.

Tiny branches freshly picked yesterday afterning / evenoon
at beautiful Parc La Fontaine with two friends.

First a dark navy blue background is painted on pieces of Balsa wood.

Then the water lilies appear. The same mistake subtlety also appears…

They look nice, right? Pretty happy with that I was.

But wait…

Since I have to cut the wood, we can already see that once again (as I've done with my miniature embroidered flowers…) the work is made too tightly! Not enough space, the flower has no breath, arrwhgg.

Too bad, I decided to frame the miniature paintings even if I made the same mistake, too curious to see how they'll look surrounded by a (tight) branch wooden frame.

Thank you for your interest in my work (in progress).

The erroneous FRAMED miniature water lily paintings will be revealed soon!