10 July 2012

Morning ordinary feat

When a woman combs her hair, the movement of the stars can be traced in her gestures.
- Rodin

Dante Gabriel Rossetti

David M Jackson

 Edgar Degas

  Edgar Degas

  Edgar Degas

 Edvard Munch

Giovanni Bellini

 Goyō Hashiguchi

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

 Henri Edmond Cross

Ito Shinsui

Paul Binnie

 Pierre Auguste Renoir

Salomon de Bray

 Torii Kotondo

 Utamaro Kitagawa

 Victor Louis Mottez

 William MacGregor Paxton

Take this comb
Touch the hair
Unknot each little knot
With a song.

A few thoughts
Float in the flowing mist
Between night dreams
And day dreams.

The anonymous silent move
 – Made of repetition forever –
Is a common early gesture
bound to the day to be born.

For a very little while
Everything's in its right place.

Władysław Slewinski