01 July 2012

Their sublime antagonism

 from The Cave of Lascaux – The Final Photographic Record
The Great Black Aurochs

Bulls have held a place of significance in human culture since before the beginning of recorded history. They appear in cave paintings estimated to be up to 17,000 years old. (…) Symbolically, the bull appears commonly in heraldry and, in modern times, as a mascot for both amateur and professional sports teams. (Bull, Significance in human culture, Wikipedia)


My work alludes to stories within stories, which are extracted from my life experiences, my surroundings as well as from figments of my imagination.

Bulls are connected to my experience of growing up in Spain. I am attracted to them because on some level it reflects the discrepancies and dualities of humanity, the instinct of survival, the grace and strength of the animal, the power struggle and battle between man and beast, and their sublime antagonism.

- Mercedes Gil Simon




The family

Bull drawing 12


Bull drawing 10

Bull drawing 5






I Taught My Bull Poem
I taught my bull to read and write
He reads and writes every day
He says he likes to read but not to write
In some silly old fashioned way