03 July 2012


Two months ago I've been invited via my Etsy shop to propose a picture of one of my plush for the Grumpy Bert's photo event in Brooklyn, USA: Plush Stories : These Plush of Mine.

Hi Myriam - I would like to invite you to an open call for an upcoming show called, "Plush Stories : These Plush of Mine." I am seeking personal stories and photos of your plush toy. -grumpy bert

Among many miniature plushies hand stitched with felt, this little eskimo wolf guy has been the chosen one.

The exhibition opening was held last Saturday.
plush stories : opening reception photos 6/30/12

To present the little eskimo guy, I wrote these words for Grumpy Bert:
In European fairy tales, Wolf is a dangerous and mean animal. In Native Amerindian culture, Wolf is a teacher.

An acronym is formed from the initial letters of a group of words. The plush I've hand stitched with felt and love is a Miniature Ninja Eskimo Wolf. And he is called Mnew.

Be pleased to meet Mnew, the tiny teacher. He may look very small and naive, but he knows a lot, and knowledge is powerful.

Plush Stories : These Plush of Mine
June 30 - August 5, 2012        
Grumpy Bert @ DeKalb Market, 138 Willoughby St. Brooklyn, NY  
Tuesday - Sunday (11 - 6pm)
Open later on special event days